I can relate I can relate, when everything stays the same

Today I checked out Amelia Bedelia books from the library. Gotta love that good ol' BYU library. They've got it all :D Including the 6th Harry Potter book in German! It is ganz fantastisch so far! Given, I am only on page 28.....but I am reading it in German so I think that's an accomplishment ;)

In other news, my window is open and I can hear a baby playing and talking. I think maybe whoever's baby it is lives nearby and has their window open too. They are probably a little frustrated cause it is late and the baby wont sleep. You can kinda tell cause the baby sounds is screaming a little bit, and it sounds like it's putting up a fuss about going to sleep. It's all really faint though, so this is really all speculation ;)

Speaking of babies. I realized today that they are SO COOL!!! I was camped out in a courtyard on campus reading til Jesse got off work, and there were some young moms nearby with their offspring. Some of them were toddler aged, and some were just barely old enough to sit up on their own. But they were cute cute cute. One of the little ones' mom's had to go to class or something, and as she walked away he started to cry and ran after her, shouting "MOOOOOOMMMYYYYYYYY MOOOOOOOMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" It was sad but really sweet too, cause he loved his mommy and didnt want her to leave him.

On to the epiphany! Babies. They start as two cells fusing together to form one organism, which divides and divides and divides until there are MILLIONS of cells, and then those cells start to take on individual forms and functions and start to form a different sort of organism, which begins to look like a miniature person, and then (at some point....I am not sure) it gets a soul and grows and grows and is BIRTHED and then is this tiny little miniature bundle of human potential that cannot fend for itself but must be fed and taken care of and nurtured and above all else LOVED...and it grows, and gets bigger and more aware of its surroundings, and then it starts to TALK to you and develops its own personality and gets bigger and does some things for itself and GROWS AND GROWS AND GROWS and then it is no longer a baby and doesnt want to hug mommy all the time cause its too emberassing, and then its a teenager and doesnt think the parents understand anything but dang it those parents have raised that thing since it was just a couple of cells sticking together, and then the baby is an adult and meets another one-time-baby and they have babies of their own, and go on to change the world and influence people's lives. And this person was just a baby once, lying there in its crib, just waking up from a nap to look up at its mama with tiny, innocent, trusting eyes.

Everyone that has ever lived on this planet was just a tiny baby once. President Obama was once a baby. So was George W. Bush. And Hitler. And Jesus. And you. And me. We were all once helpless and tiny and bursting at the seams with pure, unadulterated potential. And all of this potential arrives on earth every single minute in the form of a beautiful little baby.

Babies are incredible. Life is amazing.

peace, love, babies,


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