Healthy eaters

Despite the regularity with which I bake cookies and other treats, we actually do try and eat healthy! We usually accomplish this for dinner--trying to eat a variety of vegetables and not so much cheese as we'd like, etc. But for lunch with Niko I really struggle. Honestly, most of the time he eats 1) Pasta (either mac and cheese or pasta with sauce) 2) Ramen or 3) Crackers.  So basically, starch starch and nothing but starch. 

I've seen Kylie try this idea before--placing several healthy options in front of your toddler and letting him choose--and finally yesterday we tried it out!

I set the example for Niko by starting with the cucumber and he followed my lead (though I suppose the french dressing didn't hurt ;D), eating all of those before he moved on to the tortilla.  He only completely finished the cucumber and tortilla, surprisingly leaving most of the cheese and eating just some of the grapes and apples. 

I love that his tiny tongue is stuck out in concentration up there!

It's more effort than I want to put into lunch every day (and frankly I don't always have such a variety of fresh produce on hand) but I really liked doing it and I think it's something I'll do regularly right after I've gone shopping. 

Niko also had fun giving Buzz Lightyear (his new BFF) bites of his lunch as Buzz marched around the tray, saving the world and stuff. 

Since I had my camera out (and the light in our apartment was good for once!) I decided to take some pictures of our little cutie. 

Om nom nom.


Sly grin?

Those eyelashes! I'm so jealous! 

So friends, what do you feed your kids for lunch? Do you bother trying to feed them healthy things for lunch or just put all your efforts into dinner?  I welcome any and all suggestions! 


ivrcti said…
This is a great idea. Remember that he is physically much more active and he is also growing, so his calorie and protein density in his diet should be higher than for a sedentary adult.
Kylie said…
Fun! Wish we lived closer so we could have lunch dates. :) I just want to assure you that this doesn't happen every day over here, either! I went to the dollar store and got a couple of the half muffin tins that only have 6 slots. That makes it more manageable for me. I like doing it because that way, even when we are having mac and cheese (which happens a lot), it forces me to think of other choices to give him. I also usually include 1 "treat" like sugared cereal or graham crackers with it. Yogurt is also a god muffin-tin option that we usually have on hand.
melissa said…
it's nice that calvin can neatly eat sandwiches now. before that he generally ate leftovers or eggs (or sandwich innards) for lunch. i am not very creative, but i also don't worry too much about it because i am comfortable with our level of healthy. i know you guys do just great with it too!
melissa said…
oh yeah quesadillas. we ate tons of queso before he could sandwich.
Maren said…
That's so cool. I definitely struggle with lunch time. I'll have to try this.
Demarae said…
Snack foods. I hate lunch myself and have taken to making a big batch of brushetta to put on toast for my lunch. Brooks ends up eating crackers or pasta and some fruits and veggies. We have those little sectioned plates from the dollar section at target, both my kids love those. I like the muffin tins too, seems better for the smaller ones.

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