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Hello New Haven

We took two days to drive from South Carolina to Connecticut, which made for a much more manageable drive with kids. We got our keys, found our apartment, and later that afternoon our crate of all the things we stored when we moved showed up. It was really exciting! I didn't really how much I missed my silly vintage couch, my bff kitchenaid mixer, and random articles of clothing that I had left behind but still loved. And everything was in good shape too (even the couch, which I was half convinced would have collapsed from being stood on end in the storage crate for a year). 
Some of our friends moved to New Haven last year, and when we were done unpacking (well, enough for the day), they invited us to their house for icecream. It was so great to see them again and to see their sweet new baby, and the kids were all really excited to see each other again! We're already really excited to be sharing a city with them again. 

Getting a few things out really started to make it feel…

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