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Our upstairs neighbors are remodeling their apartment. In a Khrushchev-era apartment where every wall is made of cement, this means lots and lots and lots of jack hammering. Yes, jack hammering. JACK HAMMERING.
And it is slowly but surely making me lose my mind! 
For a sample of how loud it can be, I submit the following video:

And that video doesn't even do it justice!
One day they were going at it so hard that they knocked a big old chunk out of our ceiling! We were just sitting in the living room, doing work while they jack hammered away, when CRASH! All of this plaster came raining down on the other side of the room. So then Jesse got to go up and tell them to chill out because they were destroying our apartment too. 

We've had some issues with them being super loud in the afternoons when Miriam is trying to sleep, too. One day, Jesse (who had just gotten back from a conference in Canada and was very jet lagged) went up and asked them to be quiet from 2-4, while our daugh…

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