We're doomed

Today Jesse and I had our noses buried in various projects in the livingroom when we heard a commotion in the diningroom.  Nikolai had discovered that he could push the diningroom chairs over to the bookshelf next to the kitchen, where he could then play with the light switches and pull all sorts of things off the top shelf that he couldn't normally reach (and mama had been banking on that, so she had stashed all sorts of cool stuff up there).

I think this is the beginning of the end--or at least, the end of our ability to keep things out of his reach, as well as our ability to ever leave him alone in a room expecting to come back to find him and the room intact--at least until he's old enough to reason with (so, like 8? >.<)

Oh well.  


ivrcti said…
You're hoping to reason with him? I'd suggest that 19 or 20 will be about the right age!

Good luck - this part is fun and challenging!
Messy Musings said…
Bahahahaha!! Well played young Jedi... next we shall work on using the force instead of climbing on chairs ;o)
melissa said…
MOVING CHAIRS AROUND IS ABOUT THE WORST SKILL. i almost died last fall/winter because calvin would move our chairs around everywhere and get into everything. EVERYTHING. but the novelty eventually passes, and everyone moves on. but oh. i'm sorry. it's a pain in the neck while it lasts.
Kylie said…
Haha! Walt does that too. Eventually he learned not to climb on top of the kitchen table..or the end table...or the window sills...Luckily we don't have that much nice stuff. :)

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