Leslie Science and Nature Center

We have a fun group here that plans weekly (free!) outings for moms with kids that aren't in school yet.  We've only gone twice so far but it's been fun to have a place for Niko to interact with other kids his age and for us to get out of the house!  Last week, we went to the local nature center to see their birds of prey.  They take in birds that have been injured and so couldn't live in the wild on their own, which means we get to see them!

Nikolai looooves birds so I thought he'd really like this outing--which he did, although he was uncertain at first. 

We saw some really cool owls and eagles, among others.  My favorite was the kestrel--so tiny and cool!

Thanks for being my explorer buddy, Niko!


melissa said…
that's cool! is it through church or your neighborhood?
Catherine said…
It's through church!
Kylie said…
We have a play group too, I love it! It's neat how people who are away from family grow together and make more of an effort to be social.
melissa said…
good ol church. i'm glad they do that!

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