Saturday Outing: A New (to us) Park and the Museum on Main Street

On Saturday, we wanted to get out a little bit so we packed a small picnic and took off to the city center! We picked out a little free museum that we wanted to go to, so we found a little park nearby to have a nice little picnic at first.  

Have I mentioned before how much Nikolai loves being outside? I'm pretty sure he'd live out there if we let him! 

Awkward family photo ;)

We're slooowly training Niko to like slides and swings and such.  He's starting to finally enjoy them, but usually only for limited periods of time.  

Baby joy! Yay! 

Evidence of a silly face he's been making lately: 

Then we were off to the museum!

They had a small exhibit about dating in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas since the early 1800s with some interesting insight into how things have changed.  Also, the exhibit was housed in a really cool house that was built in the 1830s (or so) so it really looked the part too! 

Can I have all of that furniture? Please? 

They had some really cool prom outfits from the early 1900s ish along with a picture of the people wearing them to the dance! I wish I had thought to take a picture of the photograph because it was so neat to see them all dolled up in the same clothes I was looking at! 

It was a really fun exhibit and we look forward to going back when they change exhibits in a few months :)  


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