Washing Machine Music

One thing I love about Nikolai lately is that he LOVES dancing to music!  Sometimes we start random dance parties just for the joy of watching his tiny boogie :)  

A few days ago, I had brought Nikolai in the basement with me to start some laundry and he decided to stay and play down there for awhile--so when the very rhythmic wash cycle started we were still down there.  And lo and behold, our sweetest little boy decided it was music and started dancing! 

 It was a little hard to capture on camera but here's a little taste of his adorable jiving:


Meg said…
He's too cute for words. I think I just died of his cuteness.
Messy Musings said…
Washing machines can have a great beat - and Niko is so cute!
bearydiane said…
I'm in love with the cuteness of Niko!!!

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