"Guess what's in this bag?"

That's the first thing I said to Jesse when he greeted Nikolai and I after our flights from SLC to Detroit.  

"It's the clothes I was wearing this morning!" I replied, half laughing, half crying."Guess why I'm not wearing them now?!" 

Jesse's eyes widened as he nervously laughed and answered "oh no....did he poop on you?"

Vomit, my friends.  
Vomit is why I had to change clothes.  

Long story short: flying with Niko actually wasn't too bad until turbulence and pressure changes the last 10 minutes of the last flight caused him to spew goldfish vomit all over himself and me.  We were both kind of traumatized and boy was I never so glad to take a shower and have a washer and dryer in our apartment.

But we're here now and clean and settling in nicely! More posts on that in the next few days now that I've finally gotten around to putting all the photos on the computer :)


The Munions said…
Riley spewed goldfish on Dave her first flight! Except it was during take off... Glad you made it safely!
Messy Musings said…
coulda been worse. don't ask me how, but there's always a worse scenario, right? glad you made it to MI safe! you gotta post photos of the new apt (inside & out) ;o)

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