Happy Father's Day!

We had a nice, fairly quiet father's day this year.  Thanks to my brother Albert, I had some fun prepping for father's day a few weeks in advance. He had a great idea for a tshirt for my dad with "World's best dad" on the front, and the signatures of his kids on the back.  With my trusty fabric painting skills, I helped albert make his vision a reality! 

(Niko wanted to help too)

Then, for actual father's day, I signed up to bring some cupcakes to church to give to the dad's (everyone loves a good cupcake, right?). 

I had the clever idea to melt down some chocolate chips and pipe some little hearts to put on top.  I really wanted them to stick up from the cupcake but unfortunately it's so humid here that they got all floppy and fell over--so this is how they ended up:

And, in the spirit of full disclosure, here's what happened to one poor cupcake when I was trying to take those pictures: 

(but don't worry; I ate it anyways. waste not! :D)

Jesse and Nikolai were so sad that it fell down:

(okay just kidding: Niko was actually suuuuuper tired and wanted a nap! And I thought it was hilarious that the tiny person that made Jesse a father was grumpy on father's day and took a picture ;D)

But all was well in the end because I only had to take 12 of my 2 dozen cupcakes to church--meaning I had a full 11 others (minus the fallen one, remember?) to do this with for us at home:

Mmmm.  We might celebrate father's day with cupcakes every year! 


Kylie said…
Adorable!! I miss eating cupcakes with you guys. :(
Messy Musings said…
yummmm... cupcakes!! thanks a lot for sparking my sweet tooth today :-P

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