My child is a lot like Dug on Up!  
He really likes squirrels! A million of them live in the stand of trees behind out house and Nikolai is constantly calling to them.  

Here he is in his jammies, having just glimpsed a squirrel: 

And on our recent Saturday outing, chasing some of the feral squirrels on campus:

His squirrel call evolved, hilariously enough, from how he calls my parents' dog.  Sometimes, he even mimics how he would pat his leg for the dog to come here, and pats his leg (or tummy!) at the squirrel!  Crazy kid! 


Messy Musings said…
Love the videos of Niko! Give him a BIG hug for me please :o)
Heidi said…
That second video is awesome, haha! Olive came running when she heard it, it was funny.
pcnerdy said…
Man, he's adorable. :)
Michele said…
My baby loves watching your baby. :) Thanks for blogging so much. It's making me less nervous for our move to graduate school.
julis said…
I'm still giggling. wooaa! Strange the squirrel didn't respond to Niko's clear invitation to "come here!" Such a sweetie.

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