Pick-your-own strawberries

We've started making friends here (yay!) and last week one of them suggested we go pick some strawberries and make jam!  

They're fairly inexpensive with the added benefit that you can eat as many berries as you want while you're picking, which happens to be perfect cause Niko has been known to eat nearly a pound of strawberries on his own from time to time. 

Nikolai really liked being able to pick the berries and eat them, although he did get a little confused about whether the green berries were ready to eat or not. 

The only drawback is a side-effect from being able to eat the berries straight off the plant--they don't use weed killer so there were weeds as tall as Niko interspersed with the berry plants.  It really wasn't too bothersome to me but Niko eventually got stressed out by being smacked in the face by them. 

But let me tell you, he really liked those berries! His face and hands were a wonderful mess of berry juice and dirt afterwards as evidence of the deliciousness :)

And here's our bounty! 

Quick plug: if you ever get the chance to go pick your own berries, do it! They are so much juicier and more flavorful than the several-days-old berries from the store, and MAN did they make some good jam! 


melissa said…
oooh, come to our house! our neighbor has a strawberry patch and he's sick of picking them so he told me to come over on saturday and pick them all and take them away. (and this is after he's already given us bowlfuls and bowlfuls!)

ps all of this you-and-niko stuff looks fun but makes me assume that jesse is sooooooo busy. is he?
Catherine said…
Wow, your neighbor is awesome!!! And yeah, jesse is pretty busy but it's not too bad. Most days he's just gone from 8-5 which we're used to, and he doesn't usually need to do homework on weekends so usually we get to play then! The last few weeks we've needed to take up some of his weekday study time with errands so our weekends have been less great and he has to do more in the evenings (like tonight-still studying!) But that should peter off soon, until the end of the semester when we hear things gets really crazy and we just won't see him for a month or so :(

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