Some neighbors of ours recently moved out and graciously gave us some carpet they had collected for their apartment.  They, like us, don't have central AC and mentioned that adding carpet to the basement makes it a nicer place to play in the summer that's a good deal cooler than the rest of the apartment.  After getting it all put down, we definitely agree! 

Don't mind the mess--Niko's really been enjoying playing down there.  Notice it almost looks like a real playroom now!  And the carpet even had some padding with it so it's not half bad to sit down there with Niko while he plays either :) We like our basement way better now! 

It turned out they also had some other carpet and while it seems maybe they used it for a bedroom or something, we (I) decided to use it for our dining area! 

(Notice Niko was helping me fold helpful!)

I had been really annoyed with the hardwood floor as of late--it gets dirty so easily and then if I want to go barefoot (aka always) then I have to sweep all the time to avoid having nasty feet :(  So adding some carpet has been the perfect solution!  It also has the added benefits of 1) being softer for when Niko inevitably falls and bonks his head and 2) being a lighter color so the room is much brighter!  It's really silly but I love the room so much more now :)

(Melissa, if you're reading this, I feel like we're on opposite ends of this subject--you're trying to get less carpet and I'm trying to get more! So weird huh?)

So thanks, kind neighbors, for giving us a great gift, and good luck in Portland! 


Heidi said…
That's really funny because I feel the exact opposite way about carpet. There would be hardwood flooring in every room if I had it my way! Hard floors are soooo much easier to keep clean, whereas with carpet I feel like you can never quite suck everything up with the vacuum. I always feel like our carpet is hairy and it makes my skin crawl to be on the floor, haha. But with hard floors you can clean every nook and cranny! But Christian wants carpet at least in the bedrooms, so compromise I must. ;) But maybe it's just because we have dogs? I don't know, haha.
Anna said…
Aw, I want to move to Portland!
julis said…
yikes, see my comment in the food section. I read both posts and combined them in what is left of my mind, apparently.
melissa said…
hahahaha. yes, that's a funny end of the spectrum to be on. maybe it's the extreme turquioseness that makes all my carpet such a laughing matter.
Catherine said…
Heidi, I think if we had dogs I'd definitely prefer hardwood! Also, I recognize I'm completely crazy :-)

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