Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can relate I can relate, when everything stays the same

Today I checked out Amelia Bedelia books from the library. Gotta love that good ol' BYU library. They've got it all :D Including the 6th Harry Potter book in German! It is ganz fantastisch so far! Given, I am only on page 28.....but I am reading it in German so I think that's an accomplishment ;)

In other news, my window is open and I can hear a baby playing and talking. I think maybe whoever's baby it is lives nearby and has their window open too. They are probably a little frustrated cause it is late and the baby wont sleep. You can kinda tell cause the baby sounds is screaming a little bit, and it sounds like it's putting up a fuss about going to sleep. It's all really faint though, so this is really all speculation ;)

Speaking of babies. I realized today that they are SO COOL!!! I was camped out in a courtyard on campus reading til Jesse got off work, and there were some young moms nearby with their offspring. Some of them were toddler aged, and some were just barely old enough to sit up on their own. But they were cute cute cute. One of the little ones' mom's had to go to class or something, and as she walked away he started to cry and ran after her, shouting "MOOOOOOMMMYYYYYYYY MOOOOOOOMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" It was sad but really sweet too, cause he loved his mommy and didnt want her to leave him.

On to the epiphany! Babies. They start as two cells fusing together to form one organism, which divides and divides and divides until there are MILLIONS of cells, and then those cells start to take on individual forms and functions and start to form a different sort of organism, which begins to look like a miniature person, and then (at some point....I am not sure) it gets a soul and grows and grows and is BIRTHED and then is this tiny little miniature bundle of human potential that cannot fend for itself but must be fed and taken care of and nurtured and above all else LOVED...and it grows, and gets bigger and more aware of its surroundings, and then it starts to TALK to you and develops its own personality and gets bigger and does some things for itself and GROWS AND GROWS AND GROWS and then it is no longer a baby and doesnt want to hug mommy all the time cause its too emberassing, and then its a teenager and doesnt think the parents understand anything but dang it those parents have raised that thing since it was just a couple of cells sticking together, and then the baby is an adult and meets another one-time-baby and they have babies of their own, and go on to change the world and influence people's lives. And this person was just a baby once, lying there in its crib, just waking up from a nap to look up at its mama with tiny, innocent, trusting eyes.

Everyone that has ever lived on this planet was just a tiny baby once. President Obama was once a baby. So was George W. Bush. And Hitler. And Jesus. And you. And me. We were all once helpless and tiny and bursting at the seams with pure, unadulterated potential. And all of this potential arrives on earth every single minute in the form of a beautiful little baby.

Babies are incredible. Life is amazing.

peace, love, babies,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When I get back to the city, everything's cluttered and pretty

Lauren just asked me if the blinds were drawn, cause she wanted to go into the livingroom and not worry about who would be outside and potentially see her. I told her that, why yes, I did happen to draw the blinds before I came to the back. And then I remembered the main character of one of my all time favorite children's series, Amelia Bedelia.

Amelia Bedelia is a woman hired as a housekeeper for a man and his wife, and is always given a list of things to do while they are gone for the day. For some reason, she never understands what they mean on the list, and always does things literally. For instance, one item on the list is "Dress the turkey," which Amelia thinks is odd (why would you dress a turkey?) but she figures that they have a good reason for it, so she gets some sewing scraps from her box and gets the turkey out of the icebox and dresses him up nice with some lace and ribbon and such. Another example (the one I thought of when talking to Lauren) is when one item on the list said "Draw the drapes." Amelia thought this was odd, too, but she just shrugged, got her sketchpad, set it up in the drawing room and drew those dang drapes the best she knew how. Later, the man and wife come home and see everything that Amelia has done (some of which were quite disasterous, and involved cutting up the woman's bath towels and such) and are very upset--until they taste her lemon meringue pie, which she made at the last minute for them. It turns out to be so tasty that they decide not to fire her after all :) It is a happy happy series and if you never read them as a child, GO READ THEM NOW!!!! If you did read them, go re-read one or two. You will get a good chuckle out of them, I swear. I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow :D

peace, love, Amelia Bedelia,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are you writing from the heart? Are you writing from the heart?

I had a really good day today. Jesse and I adventured in Sunday clothes. And it was awesome :)

In other news, it is raining, and the window near where I am sitting is temporarily open so I can hear the rain....and it is a beautiful beautiful sound :) There is something so soothing about it....I have no idea what it is. But I really like it.

Its rained here a lot lately, actually. It reminds me of home, cause in the summer at home we have lots and lots of rainstorms! Here is a little different, cause it gets chilly right before it rains (and you can see it coming miles away!!!) and the rain itself is pretty chilly too, unlike at home, where it would stay really hot but the rain would be cold and therefore refreshing....but despite this difference, lately the rain has just felt and smelled really good. It's one of the only things that makes me a touch homesick for NC anymore, honestly. Just because playing, walking, standing in the rain was one of my favorite things ever. I like to think it the rain. It's really soothing, cause the rain just keeps coming down and it can take with it any thoughts or feelings you dont want to make room for the new, better feelings. I like it.

ok falling asleep at the computer!!!!

peace, love, rain,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Check it out, I'm rockin' steady GO!

Helloooooooo all :)

I do not have anything in particular to blog about today! But I am happy, and that is worth taking note of. Said happiness might have much to do with a certain boy....but that is all that I will be saying about that at the present time :)

In other news, life is great. As I told my brother when we talked on the phone today, I havent dont anything awesome lately. In fact, I rarely do anything superbly noteworthy or exciting. But I like my life all the same, and the things I do still make me happy. Lately I have been:

-reading Anna Karenina (IT IS SO GOOD!)
-playing Chibi Robo
-Jesse :) (yes, that is an incorrect sentence, as Jesse is a proper noun, not a verb [oh, and what a proper noun....hahahaha :D]. But I like it that way so I dont actually care)
-going to the temple regularly!
-taking naps in the sunshine and
-enjoying life.

And it is good good good. And that might be all I have to say for now.

peace, love, happy happy happy,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

There is beauty all around when there's love at home

今晩は! (pronounced [konbanwa], it literally means "As for tonight!" but is taken to mean "good evening" :D)

Today. I gave a talk in church, about God's love for each of us and how we are commanded to love one another. I was NERVOUS NERVOUS but I think it went well. Everyone says so at least....but I always think they are just saying that because they want me to feel good about how I did. Which is very nice of them, so I cant complain.

This afternoon we (Lauren Jacob Matt Jesse me!) went outside to the field near where we live and spread some blankets in the shade of some trees and read books and napped :) And I took pictures. None are of Jesse, cause he came after I had stopped. He was there though, girl scouts honor.

Matt is hilarious. I caught him at a really flattering moment right here :)He was confused by something, I think...
There is something over there!!!
My favorite thing about Matt is that he smiles, all the time, about everything. I think his two main emotions are confusion and happiness. But it makes him endlessly pleasant to be around.
Jacob is also amusing. He brought his computer out with us. But he used it to provide mood music, so that was good good good. :)
Ii desu yo!
This is Jacob's intense face. He is very intense.

Jacob, dont be mad at me for this one. But I think you look a little like a rodent the cutest sense of the word. ;D

Lauren found a big branch that she was going to poke Matt with. He noticed, though ;D

Lauren flopped down happily on her blanket :D

My roommate is the cutest, ever :)

She is pretty :)

I like taking naps out in the springtime. I didnt sleep much and there was a crick in my neck from the uneven ground, but it was worth it to breathe the springy air so much :) Also, I really like being with friends. And my friends are really really awesome. Really really. Awesome. :)

Other things happened today, like an awesome potluck and lots and lots of games and some guitaring and singing, which were also awesome :) But I will not go into detail about them, I think. They were fun though :D

Oh no the end! The end of this post! It is here!

peace, love, sunshine,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wir fangen ganz von vorne an

("We start completely from scratch", from Ein Neuer Tag by Juli)

Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls. From scratch. Look!!!

Mmmmmm :) I like baking. Some days, I wonder why i didnt go to culinary school....but then, I realize it's kind of just a hobby....maybe when I start making more complicated, intricate desserts I can begin to second guess myself some more.

peace, love, baking,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Only time will tell if violins will swell in memory of what we used to call 'in love'

I am about to rant. Brace yourselves.

Why is it that no one knows how to spell 'you're' anymore??? Yes, 'your' is a word, but only when using the possesive!!! Today I was floating around facebook, and saw on two different people's walls by two different people "Your engaged?" So, grammatically, these people are enquiring about someone's 'engaged,' whatever that is. Seriously. It's a contraction. If you cant manage it, go old school and say "You are engaged?" Cause that sounds better than inquiring about someone's engaged. Cause that doesnt exist. And then I just think you are stupid.

Ok, disclaimer. I've made this mistake before. Probably multiple times. So I dont have tons of room to talk. But if I notice that I've made the mistake, it almost physically pains me, and then if possible I correct the error.

Why do people not use the correct 'you're' anymore? Is it just sheer laziness? Or do they really not realize that it is wrong? I think I confronted my sister about this once, and she said something along the lines of "I'm not at school, I don't have to care if I'm using proper english or not." I don't like that mindset. It implies that having good grammar is a situational practice. I think it should really just be habit. Especially since my sister spends about 7 hours online everyday, talking to people and using the wrong you're left and right, and only about 6 at school, most of which are not spent writing or typing, so she is not getting practice having to use the proper you're for most of that time. I'm fairly certain, actually, that this is having a negative effect on the writing that she does do. Not having read anything of hers recently, I cant be sure, but in theory....

Also. Other random, I dont get as mad about these-pet peeves.

Board. Is a piece of wood. Or a council of people. Not what you feel when you have nothing to do.

Loose. Is how something feels when it is not tight. Not when you no longer have something. I don't understand where this mistake even comes from. I've known several people that have spelled it this way, and I've always wanted to ask "Have you not been spelling the word 'lose' for years? How are you suddenly spelling it with an extra o?" Did that many people really just learn to spell it wrong? seriously.

To. Is where you are going. Not to be mistake with the second counting number in english, or another word for 'also.' This occurs much less frequently than these others (and mostly only amongst middle schoolers) but I saw it today on a friend's page, and I'm pretty sure the person writing wasnt in middle school....

So yeah. There is my rant. If you do any of these things....sorry. I'm not trying to call you stupid. I just want to raise awareness that these are grammatically incorrect, so that people will stop making these errors and start looking intelligent (even online)!

peace, love, having proper grammar is attractive,

Monday, May 11, 2009

All creatures of our God and King, lift up your voice and with us sing: Alleluia! Alleluia!

That is probably one of my favorite hymns ever (All Creatures of our God and King, LDS hymbook hymn # 62). I think it is because the melody is actually Geistliche Kirchengesänge (or, Spirited Hymn :D) and I really really love that whole grandiose German hymn feel :D Anyways :D

It has been days since I have posted! Someone informed me of this today, so I decided that I should fix it.

Thursday! Letzen Donnerstag!

Garrett texted me and said he was gonna climb the Y (for those non BYU students reading this, we have a gigantic white stone Y on the side of the mountain with a trail leading up to it, and its kind of a rite of passage to climb it at least once while at school here) and asked if I was going to come with. I was on the couch gonna fall asleep to some what not to wear so I told him probably not, but then it turned out he was just gonna go do it alone cause he really wanted to (and lately I've just been craving hiking the Y, I dont even know Y [OH MY GOSH A PUN]) soooo I went too!! And it was awesome.

So, the Y is on the side of the mountain, yeah? For those of you that havent climbed it/dont go to BYU--you drive halfway up the mountain to the trail head, then you hike 1.2 miles to the Y, where to stop and take cool pictures and oh yeah, catch your breath because the whole trail is like 10 switchbacks (oh no garrett, we never counted how many there were!!!!) and they are all at like 45 degree angles!!!

So it was a good workout. And this was my one off day of running this week (besides sunday) so it was especially trying....but it was worth it :DThis is after the first 2 switchbacks, I think. The parking lot is where we started!

Look, there is home!!! I will not point to it cause this blog is not private, but it is there :D Seven Peaks waterpark! Look how tiny the cars are!!! The Provo Temple!The view on the way back down!

In summation: My gluts and thighs are sore, but I feel like I've gotten my dose of adventure for the week (random: did you know 'Adventure' in German is 'Abenteuer'? [pronounced ah-ben-toy-ahr] bet you didnt! NOW YOU KNOW) and I feel exercised and good.

Speaaaaaaking of exercise. Saturday I ran 5.5 miles! Thats the farthest I've ever ran! And I didnt die! (I wanted to sometimes, but then I didnt :D) I didnt run it very fact, it was rather slow....but I still did it :D and like 2/5 of it was uphill! So I'm feeling pretty accomplished :D

At work on friday, we didnt have a lot of business, so we played a goes like this.

One person thinks of a word.

Person 1: I am thinking of something that ryhmes with 'crap.'

Person 2 has to try and guess the word, but without saying it.

P2: Is it something that water comes out of?

Person 2 is also trying to stump Person 1 by giving a clue to the word they are thinking of so that Person 1 cannot guess it.

If Person 1 knows what Person 2 is asking about, then they respond:

P1: No, it's not a tap!

P2 also has to guess the right meaning. For instance, if P1 had been thinking of 'tap' but as in when you poke someone, then when P2 asked if it was what water came out of, P2 would have been wrong.

Final notes: If P2 gives a clue to a word that P1 cannot guess, then P2 wins. If P2 does not manage to stump P1 with their clues and does not guess P1's word, then P2 loses! Also, this game can be played with a crowd, where one person thinks of the word and everyone else guesses, trying to stump them. It works well either way :D And it is AWESOME. Jesse and I have been text playing this game, and he has won both times....this is why I should never have challenged an English major to a word game....but it was awesome nonetheless :D

In other news....I may actually not have any other news. Except that my world is at rights again. I am expecting nothing and taking it as it comes to me, and I am loving it. Tonight I played games with friends (Oh and totally PWNed at Settlers of Catan. YEAH Jacob. WHAT now ;D) and such, and then the games died but we were all just sitting around doing our own thing--and it was AWESOME. I love being around people, even if we're all just kinda chilling in the same room together. It's kind of like being with my family, I think, which is probably why I enjoy it so much. Cause we all get along really well and dont feel like we're imposing if we just sit there being chill and not doing any sort of organized activity. We dont have to do anything awesome to be happy being together. And this is why I love my friends. :)

By the way....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! I already called my mama and she doesnt read this but I had to give her a shout out anyways. She is SOOOO AWESOME. I love my mama. Oh shoot....I feel a blog post about motherhood coming on....but it shall have to wait for the morrow, as I am sleepy and need to get up to go run in the morning :)

peace, love, happiness,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm living again, awake and alive, I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

The last few days have been interesting. I don't think I've really done much....(minus today). However, I have some interesting things that I've been thinking about, and they are ALL going to go in one EXCESSIVELY long post.

First on the order of business: The other day at work, another girl was at the register and we had very little business so I was just watching her and the customer, to see what they'd order it so I could start making it before the order was finished and therefore have something to do. So a guy walks up, blond, tall, cute, etc, and mouths "I'm deaf." And then proceeds to tell her his order and such. He could lip read really well so he could understand what she said when she told him his total, and that kind of thing. And that just got me THINKING. So much of my life involves hearing. I've grown up playing violin, some guitar, and listening to music out the wazoo. This is a little cliche, probably, but I really like music (yeah, everyone likes music, but I really like music. >.>). And I got to thinking how I had been standing there singing along to the playlist we had going, and how he couldnt hear it. And then I started thinking about how he'll never (at least in his earthly life) hear the voice of his future wife, of his children, of birds singing on a spring day or the ice cream truck coming or music at a rock concert or any of that. And I wondered what my life would be like if I were deaf. I can't lip read, at all (Although I suppose thats a skill I would develop when I needed it). My hearing is something I've completely completely completely taken for granted my entire life. And I never really realized til now how grateful I am that I can hear.

So anyways. That was really eye opening and deep and such for me.

Moving on?

YOGA. I've been twice now, and it has already been life changing. I love the feeling of stretching, and I love how you stretch and do these different poses that stretch all these muscles you didnt know you had, but the whole time she tells you to keep breathing, to just focus on the in and out of your breath and to relax. I love the focus on that really essential thing--we've all been breathing, constantly, in and out, every other second for every minute of every day of our lives. We do it without thinking, without trying to, yet it is still something that we have control of. And to focus on something that simple, to just stretch, and breathe in, and out, and in, and out, and in, and out again, is so peaceful. It's definitely something I need right now. Yeah, some of the stretches REALLY stretch you, and it's definitely not easy, but the whole time you just breathe, and listen to your body and stretch as much as you can and no farther. As soon as something starts to hurt, you stop and do something else that will relax those muscles. It is incredible. And, on top of that, I just love the way it makes me feel. I feel more comfortable in my body, I feel more feminine, and empowered. It is awesome :D

oh no time to go!

peace, love, loving life,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you know what it feels like?

Today I am addicted to this song:

"Do you know do you know do you know"

Laura was playing it at work today, and I became immediately addicted. So I came home and looked it up on youtube, and listened to it like 4 times til I decided I needed to own I bought it on itunes. I don't usually do that....I actually go to great lengths to not do so....but I've kind of been on this I'm going to get my music legally kick (I blame Jesse. And Elder Bednar) lately, so I bought it. And it has already been well worth it. I also bought this song:

"Only time will tell if violins will swell in memory of what we call 'in love.'"

I LOVE Motion City Soundtrack. They are awesome awesome awesome. And this song, the way they normally play it, us upbeat and cool but not too meaningful. But for some reason, when they play it acoustically and add what I think are maybe some minor chords instead of major ones....BAM. AMAZING. It's so beautiful, and so much more heart-wrenching than the original version.....I really like it.

I listened to both songs multiple times tonight when I went running (3 miles! :D). I put off running til this evening, cause all day I was's too hot, I'm too tired, I'm hungry, I just ate, I havent drank enough water today, I just drank too much water and I'll get sick. But this evening (before it got dark!) I sucked it up and went. And yeah I felt a little eeehhhhhh cause I had drank too much water just before going, but it was awesome once I got home, cause I was like--hey, I ran, I made it farther than I thought I was going to and now I'm all stretched and sore and tired and endorphine-full. And life was good.

I bought a yoga mat today. I am very excited about this. Tomorrow I am going to wake up early (does 8:30 count as early? I think it does) and go run 4 miles (this is how far I'm supposed to run according to the training plan for the 10k that I found) and then I'm going to go do yoga and get all relaxed and come home and take a nap and relax and maybe read a book (I havent read in a week...lame!) and then go to work and come home and it will be a very good and healthy and hopefully happy day. I like the days that I plan out what I'm going to do. I feel like I waste less time, get more done, and am generally busier and therefore happier (there is a happy medium of busy-ness--if I am not at all busy, I usually have time to mope--but if I'm too busy, I get cranky and the way, did you know Angst is a german word? So I use it all the time, but not in the american context....cause in german, it's something you "have," so as in "I have angst" but it means anxiety or that you're nervous or unsettled about something. I really like it. And therefore confuse people with my use of it. [/rambling]).

A few days ago I was cleaning out a drawer in my room and came across a bunch of papers stapled together that was a poetry packet from high school. I think I brought it out here with me cause I loved so many of the poems in it. I re-read them after I was done cleaning out and organizing the drawer, and realized I loved them even MORE than I had when I read them in high school! So I am probably going to write some posts about my thoughts about them....cause I have lots of rambly thoughts about them and nowhere else to put them....

Tonight Kiera took us to Walmart (THANK YOU Kiera!!!!) and we took this back way thats all twisty and runs next to all these neighborhoods and a park and such. And it was AWESOME. It so beat taking the busy crazy way up there with all the crazy rush hour traffic and crazy drivers. And it was SO pretty. It was the first time (or close to it...) that I've really thought Utah was beautiful....I'm kind of spoiled, cause North Carolina this time of year is COMPLETELY in bloom and everything is green EVERYWHERE. Seriously, there is probably 10x more green than you have ever ever seen. And I love it. But I'm coming to realize that Utah is a different kind of beautiful. The rugged mountains, with some greenery on them with a clear blue sky behind them as a backdrop to the city and trees (albeit not many...) is really pretty, just a different kind of pretty than I'm used to. So sorry to all those people who love Utah that I have told that I hate it....cause I dont. I'm learning to appreciate it. I think I will appreciate it more if I get to go see stuff like Zion's park and the pretty side of the Canyon and all that this summer! Anyone with me to organize some camping trips and stuff this summer? Cause seriously. That would rock. I would really really like to play in some waterfalls, too. Please please please please?

peace, love, springtime,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Saa itte miyo

I have something awesome to report. Well, it is linguistic-y and nerdy and I think it is awesome. So I am going to tell you.

I love this German band, Wir sind Helden ("We are heroes"). They're the first German band I started listening to years ago in high school when I started taking German. And they are awesome awesome. Anyways, so there's this song by them called "Von hier an blind" which basically means "From here on, blind." It's a really cool song. You should youtube it (cept you wont understand it...hence why I havent linked it on here). BUT. Here is the awesome part. I discovered that they have a version of that song, translated....INTO JAPANESE (yeah I speak some Japanese, for those of you who dont know)!!!!!! And thus my two languages come together in one beautiful harmony of amazing music!!!!!

Here is the video in Japanese, just in case anyone is curious and bored.

Saa itte miyo

oddly enough, I like the Japanese version fits better in the song, even though the song was originally written in German. Either way, it is kind of really really awesome.

peace, love, 日本語とデウツ語,

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love

"Come thou Fount" is my favorite hymn ever. Seriously. They need to put it back in the hymnbook. But it's in the German one!!! And German is most beautiful when sung, so that makes it a really pretty hymn :)

It's been a long weekend, and I'm not really sure why. I don't think I've kept myself busy enough, so I had a lot of time to pine and mope and such >.<>.> I'm not even sure what I did all weekend.....although, I did make crepes tonight. I just made a half batch for lauren and I, and they were tasty.

<.< Actually, I didnt think to take any pictures of the tastiness until AFTER they had all already been devoured....but suffice it to say, they were pretty. And good. Yum.

It rained tonight. But I looked out the window right before it started raining, so the wind was just blowing like crazy and there were only the first traces of rain in the air, but the air smelled like rain and it was just whipping the trees around.....I LOVE the rain, but my favorite part is always like today, right before the storm starts, when the storm is just brewing and you can feel the power of it...

I'm not too poetic. I wish I were. But i really liked that. In fact, I missed the beginning of the fireside with Elder Bednar tonight cause I just couldnt go inside when there was as storm a'brewing out there to be taken was awesome.

I would like to get out of Provo, I think. I haven't left since Christmas. Well, I've been to Salt Lake once or twice, but just for the day/afternoon/morning. I think I would like a roadtrip....but I dont know anyone with a car that would like to go on one....and I don't have anywhere to go. Ahhhh, these are all difficult problems. Maybe I will just start reading a lot more books, which is a little like taking a vacation, without paying for it and without actually going anywhere....

Ahhh. That is all. Thanks for reading. o.~

peace, love, I need an outlet,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ich bin das Regen, und du bist das Meer

Today I came out of work at 8ish, and it was probably 60ish degrees, and everything was just a little bit damp, and the air smelled like it had rained while I was inside. Rain is my favorite smell in the world, bar none (also, I really like weather, in general. If I ever talk to you about the weather, I am not just making small talk. I love seasons and sunshine and rain and thunderstorms and weather in general, and I love love talking about it). And I was listening to Juli (pronounced [yu-li]), one of my favorite German pop/rock bands on the way home (hence the blog's a line from one of the songs, and it means "I am the rain and you are the sea") which is really awesome. For some reason, listening to German music today made me feel like ME. Cause I've gotten to where I can understand it without really trying to (minus random words here and there) and Juli has a lot of deep lyrics expressed really simply to an upbeat tempo, so its really enjoyable to listen to. So I was smelling rain and listening to Juli (which means "July") and then I took off my flip flops and walked barefoot the rest of the way home, through any patch of grass I could and on pavement too. The grass was wet and cool, and the pavement was cool too, and differed in texture from the sidewalk to the street to the stairs. Sensory-wise, it was a really awesome walk home. If only I had been eating something awesome...

The whole walk was only like 15 minutes, but it was awesome and really made me feel alive. I wasnt terribly happy (I havent been lately....long story. No really) but it was nice out and I was feeling confident and I was barefoot, and things were good for just a little while. It was good.

peace, love, semi-contentment,

Tell me am I right to think that there could be nothing better

I have been an avid reader of the BYU 100 hour board for several months now. For those unfamiliar with the 100 hour board, it is a thing run by BYU where there is a board of writers that anonymously answer questions anonymously submitted by anyone that registers on their site within 100 hours from when the question has been submitted. Questions range from statistical questions, like how many pretzels on average come in a single serving bag, to a question about buying a house, or how hard to is to pass X class at BYU.

I've submitted my fair share of questions in the past, some interesting, most not so much so. Last week, I had been thinking about how at Jamba, we offer free boosts that have health benefits that you can have put in your drink. I was wondering if they actually do anything, or if it's more of a placebo effect. So I wrote in and asked the 100 hour board. That was 5 days ago--more than 100 hours. Technically they're supposed to answer withing 100 hours of the question being submitted, so this morning I had been wondering when they would post the question, since it was late. I figured it would be posted tomorrow, and headed off to work.

In the last hour of work, a woman walked up to the register. I greeted her, and asked her what we could get for her today. She said she needed 3 Strawberries Wild, but that she had an odd request--2 needed to have an energy boost, but the third needed nothing. I told her I had heard much odder requests, and punched it all in the register. But I had gotten I asked her why she needed them to be like that. She said it was an experiment, so I asked her what for (at which point I was pretty sure what she was going to say), and she said it was FOR THE 100 HOUR BOARD. And then I FREAKED OUT on the inside. And told her that they'd be ready in just a minute. And tried not to stare at her and figure out which of my favorite anyonymous board writers she was.

That TOTALLY made my day. And now I'm even more excited to see their answer!!!! :)

peace, love, anonymity,

Friday, May 1, 2009

The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this still life

I really, really like that song. Kiera played a snippet of it tonight and I remembered how much I love it. It's Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, bytheway. And it is awesome possum.

Today was the first day of women's conference, so work was crazy crazy. I cashiered for most of it, which was interesting cause I'm getting over seasonal allergies so I couldnt talk too loud, and it was LOUD in there. Consequently, a lot of ladies were like "what? huh? what did you say?" But it was good.

Etwas interessantes (Something interesting). It's women's conference, so it was all women, some old, most middle aged, some in their late 20s. Most were married, but some werent. What was interesting is that I saw quite a few late 20-somethings that had no ring on, so were clearly not married, but they were also clearly happy and leading fulfulling lives. It made me think--I'm only 19. They are 26. If they can be happy single/unmarried, so can I. I think I need to learn to live a happy and fulfilled life without having a guy in it...something I havent really done in awhile. I need to get to be ok with just being me, so that if I for some reason never find "the one" (other than Lauren ;) hahaha) then I could live on my own, have a career and friends and God and be ok with that. Anyways, it was really interesting to think about.

In other news, I am training for a 10k, and after that, a half marathon! I took up running about 2 months ago(ish) and ran a 5k a month ago. The last few weeks have been super busy so I havent gotten to run as often as I would have liked, and then this past week I was sick and knew if I tried to run I was NOT going to be able to breathe, so I didnt run for a whole week :( I'm getting back into it--monday I just ran 2 miles and today I ran 3, but in the morning I'm going ro run 4, I think. Anyways, the 10k is at the end of may and is 6.2 miles, farther than anything I've run before, but I have a schedule that should get be ready for it that I'm going to follow and I think it will be fine :) The farthest I've run before is 4 miles, and I've only done that twice, but it was only really hard for the first 2 miles and then after that it was a lot easier to forget that I was running and just go. So I'm hoping that the 10k will be like that, that the first few miles will suck but after that I'll just get into it and it'll be ok.

In other news, Michele was stuck in provo tonight so she came over to spend the night, and we ended up in the living room, talking for 4 hours til the crack of dawn (aka right now). It was awesome cause I dont really have anyone to talk to, seeing as Jesse and I arent it was good. Hopefully we can talk more again soon!!!

peace, love, staying up too late,