We had a guac-over

One night last weekend, it was late and time for bed but Jesse and I still felt like watching more netflix even though we were really tired (read: I had discovered The West Wing for the first time and couldn't stop watching it!) and in our tired excitedness, we impulsively decided to have a sleepover in the livingroom!  In true sleepover form, we set up the air mattress, pulled out some blankets and watched tv until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. 

The next day dawned early and bright (mostly due to our having a toddler who doesn't sleep past 8:30) but we were feeling so cozy, we left the mattress up and continued binge-watching our show like irresponsible teenagers! :D  Late in the morning we were suddenly hungry, so I took that opportunity to make my sister's favorite guacamole recipe. 

And OH GOSH y'all.  It was good.

And look, even Niko thought so! 

One other random photo from that morning: 

In case you can't tell (which I'm sure you can't) that's embroidery floss that my toddler has draped all around himself (and is eating!).  He's seen me embroider enough times now that every time I get my stuff out, he demands I hand him some and then he proceeds to adorn himself as you see him above.  I get why he puts it in my mouth (I'm endlessly wetting the end of the string to thread the needle) but why he drapes it on himself is beyond me!  

Anyways, this was a happy, silly family memory and I'm so glad to have a patient and silly husband who indulged me! 


julis said…
I love The West Wing. I love guacamole. I love Niko draped in embroidery floss. I love sleepovers. Pretty much everything you posted here, I love! Oh, and you! I love you and Jesse.
Anna said…
Um...WHAT?! You've never seen West Wing before?!!!

and you can't just be all like, "this is the best gauc in the world" and not post the recipe!
Catherine said…
Anna, I've apparently been wayy out of the loop!!

And I feel silly posting the recipe cause it's sort of a non-recipe--it's just as many avocados as you want, add about half as much sour cream as there is mashed avocado, put in a bunch of garlic salt and some salsa or tomatoes and voila!

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