Take me out to the ball game!

A few months ago, a friend at church emailed around seeing if anyone wanted to go see a Tigers game in September.  He thought if we got enough people together, we could get a group discount, and if we all brought our kids they could more or less play together and let us watch the game ;)  Since Jesse is a lifelong baseball fan and I am a recent recruit, we knew we couldn't pass this up! 

So last week, we braved the drive to Detroit (and some terrible game day traffic) and made it to this:

It was a really fun game! It also happened to be the game where this happened:

Isn't that hilarious?! Not that we could see it from where we were sitting, but it was pretty hilarious to come home and find out that had happened right under our noses! 

As for the kids, it turned out the "entertain themselves" idea actually worked pretty well :D 

And we enjoyed ourselves too! 

Of course, it helped that the Tigers beat the Mariners 5-4 ;)

Finally, a group shot to prove we really do have friends! 


Messy Musings said…
I went to a baseball game once at Candlestick Park (now who knows what corporate name it goes by). SF Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds. Dunno who won, it was a LONG time ago - I'm just happy to remember who played ;o)
melissa said…
fun! detroit, huh? you guys are getting around.

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