A real date!

Know how last week I was all "oh we never go on real dates" ? Well, this week, we finally had a REAL one! 

And by real, I mean I joined a babysitting co-op where we get fake money for watching each other's kids and pay each other with the fake money...so we had a free sitter! YAY!!!

We took the chance to go see Austenland in theaters when it finally opened in our town. Not only had I read the book (that the movie is based on) a week before and LOVED it, but I had also read 7 other of Shannon Hale's books in the past month or so and decided that I should really go support her, since I loved her written works so much! 

The movie was showing at this awesome old theater downtown that we've been dying to go into since we moved here. 

A very blurry picture of the BEAUTIFUL lobby:

And the theater:

Oh gosh you guys, this movie was HILARIOUS! It definitely did not disappoint.  

And since you NEED to know how hilarious this movie was, here's a taste of the funny, in trailer form:

Really guys, this is a movie I'm going to buy and watch over and over with my mother and sister, or with Jesse again, or by myself when I just need a good belly-laugh. I'm SO glad we went! 

After the movie, we went straight back to pick up Nikolai and then went to Chipotle for dinner! I had a free entree card that I got from the library for reading 5 books this summer (yahoo!) so we had a cheap, yummy dinner :D

Mmm.  So happy!

Yay for a good real date! 


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