Living the dream

Every week when Jesse calls home to talk to his parents, he asks his dad how he's doing. 

"Living the dream," is always his dad's response. 

Well, last week Nikolai and I went to the library so I could pick up some books I had on hold.  We wandered around for awhile but inevitably ended up by the computers, where they have some games for kids.  

Nikolai really likes the Dr. Seuss ABC's program where it reads the book to him, so I helped him clamber onto the stool and got it all set up.  And then I sat down on a stool behind him, opened a great book I had found, and read! 

It was like 11 am on a weekday, and I was lazing around in a beautiful library with my sweet child and reading an awesome book...and suddenly it hit me...I'm living the dream! 

I mean, don't get me wrong, there's a lot that's difficult about being a stay at home mom, from dealing with the whims of a small person, to dedicating your life to keep someone else alive, to finding a way to continue to cultivate a sense of self--but there's so much that's good about it too.  I mean, who else gets to sit in a library in the middle of the day during the week and read?!  If that's not the high life, I don't know what is ;) 


ivrcti said…
I for one, am jealous! I would have loved to spent the day with you there. I love libraries!
Kylie said…
Oh man, those computers are the bane of my existence. Walt is obsessed with them, but can't do them by himself really...I get frustrated that I am trying to take him to the library and cultivate his imagination and a love for reading, and instead all he wants to do is stare at another screen. I'm glad it worked out for you though! Maybe I should try to see them as a blessing. :)

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