Some silly friends

 A few weeks ago some new people moved in to the ward--and they live just a few doors down from us!  We helped them move in and get settled a little so we've gotten to know each other and made friends. 

So the other day, we came home from church, and found this note on our door, presumably from Megan and Jordan:

In turn, we left a note on their porch with an invitation to have FHE (Family Home Evening) and games with us the next day.

And then later that day, this appeared on our doorstep!

It was their mailbox key (ha!) so we went and checked...inside was a little envelope, with THIS inside!!

Megan dabbles in painting and such and she had busted out this tiny little Toad painting in like an hour! (because we had discussed wanting to play Mario Kart together)

The best part, though, was on the back: 

No lie, we both burst out laughing when we saw that. 

This obviously required a response, so I wrangled my limited drawing skills and copied this picture of Donkey Kong:

Underneath it says "It's on."

So we did it! The next night, we went to their place (because they have a 64!) and had a short lesson, some yummy chocolate cake and played Mario Kart.  I'm not gonna lie, it's really fun to have made some silly friends!


Megan Hamzawi said…
Wow. We're on the blog. I'm so honored!

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