Thomas socks

Nikolai has lately become minorly obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine.  He has one little train and every time the show comes on he runs and grabs it and races as fast as his tiny legs will carry him to the tv shouting "CHOO CHOO" and pointing from his train to the tv.  It's really, really cute. 

But I didn't realize the depth of his attachment to the show until today, when I needed to buy Nikolai new socks.  Baby socks are crazy expensive and the only ones I could stand to buy for the price was a set of Thomas socks. 

Brief note: Nikolai HATES wearing socks.  He will wear them only as long as he gets to immediately put on shoes and go play outside--and then, as soon as he comes in, he wants them taken off! 

But today, when we got home from the store and I opened the package of socks to put them away, Nikolai saw them and insisted I put them on his feet immediately! 

And then, he proceeded to do a happy dance all over the room!!!


So apparently, my toddler is a consumerist child and will wear things he hates because they're the right brand... 


...that, or he just REALLY likes Thomas the Tank Engine ;) 


Kylie said…
At least it isn't skeletons....:) He is such a cute kid!!
Meg said…
He is TOOOOOOOO cute!
ivrcti said…
Albert and Aaron both had the same fixation. Soon, you'll need a second train so that Jesse can play with him!
julis said…
His happy face just makes me happy inside. I'm so glad he likes a tank engine instead of a purple dinosaur or something.
melissa said…
what size does he wear? (of clothes)
Catherine said…
Melissa, he's mostly still in 18 month clothes but is starting to ease into 24 month/2T!

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