Little dancer

Here's three things you might not know about Nikolai:

1) He loves classical music

2) He loves dancing

3) He loves dancing to classical music!

And might I add, he's kind of an amazing dancer.  Not gonna lie, I'm blown away by his sweet moves ;)

Especially when he looks like he's doing water bending ala The Last Airbender! 

Good job Nikolai!  Great dancing!

(And because I know you're wondering--we're listening to Smetana's  Die Moldau)


Anna said…
Wesley is the same! I love listening to classical music, so it makes me SO HAPPY. :)
ivrcti said…
Reminds me of times with you kids, only I played the music 'a bit' louder.
julis said…
He's so sweet. What a good little dancer! I'm glad you videoed it!
Heidi said…
Haha he DOES look like he's water bending!

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