Silly Niko

I feel like I need to have a continuing series entitled "Silly Niko"--basically, cause sometimes my toddler is a strange little person.  

First off, sometimes he can be a little tornado.  Witness the destruction:

Yeah, basically he took everything off the two lower shelves and then removed a shelf and threw everything all over....ah, the life of a toddler!

Then, lately he's been doing this silly thing where he sits in the TINY box where we stow his toy cars: 

I'm sorry, but that picture makes me laugh every time! Look at his tiny legs, shoved into the even tinier box! Oh boy.  When I thought about the prospect of being a mom, I knew there would be messes and tantrums and fun and playing....but I didn't expect so much inherent SILLY!  Thanks for reminding me to be silly, Niko! 


ivrcti said…
It sure is fun, isn't it!
Meg N. said…
Squished into that little box, Niko reminds me of a cat!

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