Cracker dinner

So there's a lot of nights lately where I don't feel like cooking/Jesse doesn't feel like cooking/all the recipes I have planned will take forever and we're hungry now...etc.  So on those nights (which seems to happen at least once a week...) this is what we've started doing:

And you know what?  It's so delicious (and we're actually eating vegetables!) that I don't even feel bad about being "lazy"! :D


melissa said…
we called those daddy dinners, or daddy lunches. because that's what my dad made when he was in charge. (unless it was sticky macaroni night. you know about sticky macaroni, right?)
Catherine said…
Jesse calls them daddy dinners too! And I have heard of this famed "sticky macaroni" but I've never had it--Jesse, you're slacking! ;D
melissa said…
OH, jesse. come on. if he doesn't know how to make it have him call me. (actually, we've been trying to talk on the phone anyway.)

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