In case you're wondering

It is always, ALWAYS worth it to dress up like a pirate and go to Krispy Kreme on Talk Like a Pirate Day.  You might feel sort of silly, you might have to sew up a quick (and pathetic looking) eye-patch in 15 minutes before you run out the door, but then they will hand you more doughnuts that you know what to do with (2 DOZEN! WHAT?!) for FREE, and you realize all the absurdness has been worth it :D


And when you get home, you immediately take one dozen of the doughnuts to your neighbors because although you COULD eat 2 dozen doughnuts, you really shouldn't.  (p.s. thanks neighbor friends for taking those off our hands!) 


Messy Musings said…
won't you be my neighbor and bring yummy donuts to share? ;)
julis said…
mmmm Krispy Kreme! I mean, arrrrrr Krrrispy Krrreme!
Megan Hamzawi said…
We LOVE being your neighbors! :)

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