Tree / Stump

Looking up from where I was pushing Nikolai on the swing the other day, I noticed how lovely the trees looked against the blue sky (or "ky!  ky!" as Miri would say). Fall is arriving swiftly here in Chisinau and many leaves are already starting to change color (though this photo was taken just before that started to occur). I'm really looking forward to seeing what fall will be like here!

Speaking of trees, here is a stump that we always pass on our way home from the park:

I took the kids' picture on it once, and then the next time we passed by it, Miriam climbed up on it and started asking for me to take another picture (I believe her exact words were, "own! own!" [phone]).

And now I have to take a picture of the kids on it every time we pass! I kind of like the idea--I think I'm going to take a picture every time and then make a giant college of it when we move. Most of the pictures might be the kids being silly and blurry, but I think it'll be fun!


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