Three sillies (photos)

I bought Niko some new lego blocks (we needed some more for building with) and I let him open them as soon as we were settled in the new apartment. 

He proceeded to make some Pokemon, of which Bulbasaur was above and beyond the best:

Miriam has been wandering around in a superheroine cape and Niko's winter hat, and we have been calling her "Super Buppy" (in honor of the adorable way she says "Puppy"):

Bread here is 100x better than cheap American bread, and the most recent loaf we bought was shaped like a cloud. Watch out Chisinau, it looks like a storm is a-brewing!


ivrcti said…
I love how you find ways to encourage the kids!
Loïe said…
1. Bulbasaur is my favorite Pokemon and I love Niko's creation. 2. That cloud bread is magical!

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