We do a lot of walking here in Chisinau (our record is 4.6 miles in one day, and Nikolai walked for ALL of it. He's a pro!!!), meaning we see lots of cool stuff we might not normally see. It also means the kids sleep really well at night ;) 

This fountain is at one of the large central parks (just blocks from our new apartment!):

This large chess set (and the church in the photo below) are at the other central park. Miriam obviously needed to give the knight statues kisses (because she is the sweetest little person):

We went to MallDova the other day to get a few more things for our apartment. I will admit, I took a picture of this solely because I am in love with its pun for a name. It is so great and I refuse to get over it.

On the way to MallDova, we got off the bus a stop too early, and got to walk over a long bridge to get there. Along the way, we were surprised by this view of the city: 


Maren said…
I'm super impressed that Nikolai does all that walking! That was one of my very favorite parts of living in a big city. The mall is a nice pun. :)
melissa said…
mall dova is pretty awesome.

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