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Exploring a foreign country is a slow process when you're homebodies. Why go out and see the awesome city, when you could stay inside and be so cozy and happy? 

A few times a week, we suppress the urge to be cozy and go out into the great beyond.

Our entry hall has double mirrors on it, perfect for family selfies during shoe-putting-on time!

We often pass by this water-tower-turned-museum, and it's fun to see it up close. We can see it from our bedroom window and at night, it's all lit up with colorful lights (that are impossible to take a picture of, so take my word for it).

A few blocks from the water tower is a large lake. Lots of people go there to relax, fish, or exercise (by running loops around it). We mostly go for the playground :)

Oh, and for cheesy photos. 

The lake isn't far so Nikolai likes to ride his* scooter. 

*by "his," I mean the scooter left for us to borrow by our landlady Tatiana. Thanks, Tatiana!

Miriam has been boycotting both the baby carrier and the stroller lately, so she often gets to walk.It's a slow and often painful process (she often trips and scrapes her knees!), but at least she sleeps well at night! Oh, and it keeps her from screaming bloody murder. ;)


ivrcti said…
Since you don't have a yard at your apartment, you must live for the park!
Cantaloupe ice cream! A lake within walking distance! An all-Russian preschool! We are so glad and grateful that you are all well, and enjoying adventures in Moldova. Can't wait to see more of your great chronicles :)

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