Experimentation and fun

Last week, Niko and his best bud Hyrum got together to play. Hyrum's mom Michelle is awesome (have I mentioned that before? I hope so!) and she had the awesome idea to let the boys play with bowls of water and food coloring! We both agreed this was never something we'd do on our own, but having two boys to play and two adults to tackle the mess made it worth it :D So we spread out a tarp, got out bowls, cups, pipettes, whisks and food coloring and let the boys go at it!

Oh, and we removed their pants, so those at least would be dry afterwards :)

They had so much fun! After these pictures were taken, they had an awesome time mixing the different colors and seeing what they made.  Thanks for such a fun idea, Michelle!!


Maren said…
I miss these boys and their moms! You guys are so good. R would probably paint the whole house! The boys look so big.
ivrcti said…
I'm very impressed at your bravery. I am willing to tackle a broken part on a car, because they behave in predictable ways, but a pair of two year olds with paint? Even the Wizard of Oz couldn't predict their behavior!

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