Happy Birthday Jesse!

Well, Jesse's birthday was a week ago today but I am just now posting about it. What can I say, February has been a sleepy month! 

For Jesse's birthday this year we kept it simple (the way he likes it).  Nikolai and I baked his cake in the morning (he loved helping!) and then Niko spent the rest of the day asking for cake. 

Then I surprised Jesse by picking him up for a dinner date sans toddler! We went to a delicious Mediterranean restaurant called La Marsa and had the best hummus ever (also, some really delicious meatballs, and lentil soup. Mmmm). When we got home, Nikolai and I sang happy birthday to Jesse and enjoyed our cake. 

Once Niko was in bed, we got to enjoy Jesse's presents: an expansion pack for one of his favorite board games (Smallworld). 

We had fun! 

Happy birthday, Jesse, and may you have many many many many many more! :D


ivrcti said…
Happy Birthday Jesse! I wish I could have been there to add Spanish to your birthday song!
Kylie said…
Happy Birthday Jesse!! As much fun as it is to embarrass you, I'm glad your wife keeps things simple. :) Love you guys!

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