Last week the temperature FINALLY got above freezing (36 degrees! So warm!) so one day we took advantage of the warmth and went outside to play in the snow. 

I grabbed Nikolai's sand box shovels and he had a blast wandering around scooping up snow. 

While he scooped, I packed some of the abundant snow in our courtyard and recreated our little family in snow.

After a while I wanted to go in but Nikolai, who hasn't been outside in 2 months (ack!), wanted to continue playing, so we wandered around some more. 

We scooped some more snow, played on this bench...

Finally, after an hour, I noticed that Niko's pants were totally soaked (how on earth did I not remember that he has snow pants?!) so I tried to coax him inside. 

At this point he realized we were heading in towards the apartment and froze, not wanting to go in. The jig was up!

Luckily, I managed to make it some sort of game so he followed me. 
(I think I probably said, "One, two, three..GO!" and made him run with me on go. My favorite part of that game is when he initiates it himself--he'll stand in a corner and say to himself "two, twee, two, twee...GO!" and just start running. ADORABLE. But I digress).

Anyways, it was lovely to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Hopefully it warms up again soon so we can play some more!


pcnerdy said…
Yeah I love when they do a game with themselves, haha. So cute.
Anna said…
Love the pic of you two together!
The Munions said…
Neither of my babies understand that we are not meant to be cold or wet through - if there is snow to be had they want to have it! Glad your baby likewise enjoys this winter stuff!

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