Yes, this post is late. The last few weeks have been buuuuuusy!  

We had a lovely Valentine's Day a few weeks ago. In the morning, Nikolai and I used our hand and finger prints to paint some hearts, which I then cut out and strung up all across  the ceiling.  It made a really pretty effect (in fact, we've still got them up cause we like it so much!) and it was fun to do for the holiday. 

We had yummy cheap-o pizza for dinner and then, while Jesse put Niko to bed, I sneakily whipped up some baked double chocolate doughnuts (recipe from Joy the Baker: here).  

Jesse was really excited when he saw what I was making, and for good reason--these things turned out AWESOME. 

We spent the rest of the evening watching Austenland and laughing our guts out. 

Seriously guys, if you haven't seen this movie and you like Jane Austen and/or silliness at ALL, you must see this movie.  I doubled over in laughter a dozen times even though I'd seen it once before (in fact, it might have been funnier the second time, cause I was anticipating all the hilarity to come).  If you live nearby, I'll be happy to loan you my copy! 


lydiaruth said…
I really need to own that movie. And the doughnuts look delicious...but I won't even let myself look at the recipe.
ivrcti said…
This is exactly the reason that Jesse stays grounded. Even after the toughest day, he always knows that he has a loving, supportive family to come to. Terrific!
Messy Musings said…
I saw that movie last Saturday ;-)

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