Cute Nikolai

I really love our little boy.

Sure, he throws fits sometimes.  Sometimes he wakes up grumpy, or is teething (curse you, two year old molars!), or stubborn, and sometimes we have fights. 

But he's also a really sweet kid. He likes helping, and points to our faces and says "happy!" and gives hugs and kisses almost on demand.

It never ceases to amaze me as I watch him grow and evolve in different ways every single day. Thanks for letting me hang around you as you grow, little boy. 


ivrcti said…
Your post makes me wonder how our Heavenly Father feels about me; how I can be so stubborn and foolish. Yet I suppose he finds me cute, since he patiently guides with me so well.
julis said…
He looks very cute, and his hair is growing/thickening! I sure appreciate the pictures. :-)

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