Last week, a good friend of mine mentioned she had found a restaurant in town that was so good it was making her break her budget, and that their calzones were AMAZING.  I've been dying for a good calzone lately, and when we found out that on Saturday's they're only $5, I knew we had to try it out. 
So last Saturday, we headed over!

The place was surprisingly empty (it was 5:30 so maybe we pre-empted their dinner rush?) so Niko had the run of the place. He loved playing the with gumball machines (and begging me for the "balls" inside. I just told him they didn't come out. ;D) and running around while we waited for our food. 

Then...they arrived.

We got the sausage ricotta and the spinach artichoke and YOU GUYS, these things were no joke. 

Mmmm.  Oh man, the problem with writing this post is I'm remembering how good they were and trying to convince myself that I don't need to go get another one this week....

Nikolai enjoyed his too, though it's hard to tell in this photo. 

We are so glad to have tried this place and will definitely be back. Yay for yummy food!


ivrcti said…
I too love a nice hot, fresh calzone. That lovely fragrance that erupts when you first break it open. Uh, pardon, me I have to step out for a few minutes now....
R came up to the computer as I was reading this post and so I said, "Look, it's your friend Nikolai!" And he ignores that and starts going, "Thomas! Thomas!" We are obsessed over here. Those calzones are HUGE. I don't think I ever found out about this place.

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