Snow, snow, endless snow

Did you know it's been super cold and snowy here lately? I think I can count the days in the past 3 weeks that have been above freezing on one hand, and I don't think we've got more coming for about a week. Added to that, Ann Arbor had a record snowfall in January: almost 38 inches, over twice the normal monthly average. 

Driving anywhere has been a chore lately, with either needing to bundle up tons or shoveling myself out of a snowy/frozen parking space (which I'm getting really good at, by the way). 

So anyways, last Saturday when the heavens dumped 4 or 5 more inches of "moisture" on the roads and I needed to go to the grocery store, I made Jesse drive (he's much better at driving in the snow).

Above is Nikolai, tromping through the snow outside of our apartment on the way to the car. Nothing like a picture of a cute little lumberjack to end a post, right?  


Maren said…
I cannot believe the winter you guys are having. I wanted to experience something like this whole we were there but I guess I should be grateful we got out. Cute little lumberjack. Stay warm!

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