Curry Up Picnic

Last weekend, Jesse and I wanted to a) not cook b) eat something yummy and c) not spend much money.  Normally this scenario leads to us picking up some Little Caesar's but this time we decided to be a little braver and get something tastier.  Instead, we checked out a little restaurant we had been meaning to try close by that sells Indian street food.  It turned out it was very inexpensive AND delicious, so we were really glad we were a little more adventurous than normal.  

But the best part of the evening was when Jesse suggested we get our food to go and take it to a local park to eat so we could enjoy the lovely weather!  

Best choice ever :)  The evening was perfect and it was so much better than being cooped up inside!

Also, Nikolai LOVED both being outside AND the yummy Jaritos we bought to drink.

(Can you tell by the intensity of his little face up there that this kid never ever ever gets soda? He wouldn't give it back!)

And then, obviously, we did some playground playing after we ate. And I re-remembered that my Nikolai is the cutest toddler ever:

And lastly, a sweet video of Jesse and Niko on the slide.  I know you've seen kids on slides before, and there's nothing altogether special about this video, but I really loved this happy little family moment and wanted to remember it anyways:


Heidi said…
Does Jesse only talk to Niko in Russian?
Maren said…
We thought Curry Up sounded good but never tried it...yay for fall picnics!
Catherine said…
Heidi, the idea is for Jesse to only speak to him in Russian but lately it ends up being not as often, unfortunately :(

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