Matthaei Botanical Gardens

One of the last days my mom was here, we escaped the fall chill and checked out the lovely Matthaei Botanical Gardens just a few miles away. 

It was warm and lovely and we enjoyed getting out of the house and warming up :)

Nikolai loved running around and looking at all the plants!

I loved taking inspiration from the beautiful plants and textures:

There was also this really cool display where you could look at these lovely succulent plants through a kaleidoscope:

Interestingly, I was able to take a picture through the kaleidoscope and came out with some awesome pictures!

I have decided that one day when I discover how to keep green things alive, I will have a bonsai tree! So obviously, the bonsai trees were my favorite :D

But Niko's favorites were the fish! 

And then, some carnivorous plants!

Lastly, a photo dump of plants that I found especially beautiful:

It was a lovely little outing and I've now decided Niko and I are going to spend a lot of cold winter mornings there :) Thanks for coming with us, mom!


ivrcti said…
I know exactly how you feel. When I was in school in NY, one of my favorite winter trips was to the indoor botanical gardens in the city. It was so refreshing to come in out of the snow and cold and see flowers in bloom!
Anna said…
I hear succulents are pretty easy to keep alive. Maybe start with one of those?

Looks awesome. I want to live in Ann Arbor now, too.
Maren said…
I wish we'd had a winter there when R was old enough to enjoy it. It's a fun place to run around.
Catherine said…
Anna: you should make Peter apply for grad school here and we can hang out ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

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