Fireman Tiger Niko

Last Friday we found out they were having a family night on campus with food and fun activities for the kids.  After some deliberation, we decided to go (what can I say, we were feeling homebody-ish that day...) but it turned out to be totally worth it :) 

We took the bus over there and Nikolai had lots of fun just hanging out at the bus stop. 

I love this picture of him and Jesse!

The first thing we did when we got there was check out the firetruck! I wasn't sure if Nikolai was clear on what a firetruck was (he has a toy one but has never seen a big one) but he when we told him there would be one there he got very excited. He actually got a little shy of it in person because it was so big but he was still really interested in it. 

They were letting the kids come over and get inside the truck and Nikolai stared at all the kids getting in until we let him get in too.  

Nikolai's friend Hyrum got in too and loved it! 

Once inside, we had some pizza and snacks and then had a fun time taking Nikolai around to different stations like coloring, badge making and a little maze.  

They also had face painting and again, Nikolai was super intrigued by all the other kids getting their faces painted so towards the end we finally decided to let him get his face painted! We were kinda worried he was going to wiggle all over the place and not do it but he was actually very still! 

We had him painted as a tiger (because he loves Daniel Tiger):

And oh boy....he was a really cute tiger!

And for your enjoyment, a sweet video of Nikolai growling on the bus ride home: 

I don't think Nikolai really understood that he had a tiger face on until we got home and plopped him in front of the full length mirror in our room, at which point he got REALLY excited and started crawling around and rawr-ing all over the place.  Maybe we need to rethink our Halloween costume plans so Niko can be a tiger.... ;D


julis said…
Best tiger ever! He's so cute. I loved the picture of him looking in wonder at (the firetruck? other kids?), too. Thanks so much for documenting your Ann Arbor life! I don't think I could bear it if you guys were just gone for 8 months and I couldn't see him at all. :-)
bearydiane said…
I concur with Juli!
Meg said…
I also agree with Juli. Cutest tiger ever!

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