Another canning adventure

A few weekends ago, some lovely friends of ours contacted us asking if we wanted to come make some applesauce with them.  They had gotten 2 bushels of apples for free from someone who had them but didn't have the time to process them.  We were so happy to come help them wrangle all those apples into something delicious :)

I decided that 4 is the perfect group to do a project like this with because we worked really efficiently together--and it was really fun to chat while we did it :)

The person with all the apples also loaned us a food mill to make the applesauce with, and after using it I have to say that now I need one too! We made applesauce last year with just a food processor and this was SO much easier. We didn't need to peel or even pit the apples because it filtered all that business out, and quickly and easily delivered the applesauce that turned out to be this amazing pink color:

Mmmmm :) 

The tots actually napped for most of our operation (which really helped the process go quicker!) but they also played really well when they woke up :)  And they both happened to be wearing khaki overalls that day!

So cute! 

Finally, in summation: 4 1/2 hours of work and 2 bushels of apples yielded 9 jars of plain applesauce, 7 jars of cinnamon applesauce and 7 jars of apple pie filling! 

Not bad for an afternoon's work and some free apples, huh?!


melissa said…
wow, yum. i made applesauce last week too--but it only gave me 2 quarts! i knew it wasn't going to be much, but i laughed when that's all i got. i'm making more soon. i used my in-law's cool apple corer/peeler/slicer and it was lots of fun. calvin could actually use it himself!

Maren said…
All I can is so. jealous.

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