A gaggle of geese

Last week for playgroup, we met at a playground down near the river.  It was a cool, misty morning and the fog hanging over the river was unbelievably gorgeous.

Nikolai, a big fan of both water and wildlife, mostly ignored the playground and spent most of his time hanging out near the river and chasing the geese and ducks. 

I was a little worried that one of the geese would feel threatened and bite Nikolai but thankfully that didn't happen (although I did threaten one of them that I'd kick it if it didn't back off!).

Nikolai waving and saying "hi!" to the ducks!

The rest of the time Nikolai spent hanging out with his best buddy Hyrum. 

They played in puddles:

ate some dirt:

and wandered around:

What a lovely day!


Maren said…
Oh man, that park used to drive me nuts because R was determined to get in the lake. So cute to see the boys playing together...wish we were there too!
Catherine said…
We miss you too!!!

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