Pumpkin carving!

It's been a few years since we carved pumpkins and I LOVE it so this year we finally did it again! 

I get a little excitable when carving pumpkins so this year I decided to carve Van Gogh's Starry Night!

It turned out pretty well and it was really fun to make :)  Jesse, like me, doesn't really like carving scary pumpkins so he made a whimsical leaf-eyed pumpkin:

Now, both pumpkins all lit up!

Fun stuff! Happy Halloween!!!


melissa said…
you guys make me laugh. i like your pumpkins, and i also think they're funny. van gogh?! you say that like it's a normal thing to carve into a pumpkin. hahahaha. we usually just do a couple of triangles...you guys are great. (and the pumpkins turned out SO very nicely!)

happy halloween!
Anna said…
That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!
julis said…
One of the Words of the Day this week was "whimsical." I have to do a lot of explaining before the students really get that it's not an insult, it's a quirky and fun way of looking at the world. Next year, I'll just show them a picture of your pumpkins! I love them both. And you both.

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