How we spent the weekend Or General Conference Weekend Or An Adventure in Eating

This past weekend was General Conference for our church, where we gather to hear messages from the leaders of our church.  It was a great weekend with many uplifting messages, my favorite of which was by Dieter F. Uchtdorf (you can watch it here).  

Since there are 4 2-hour sessions that we can watch online, it meant spending a lot of time at home with family :)  To start out the day right, I surprised Jesse with a yummy fancy breakfast! 

And by fancy, I mean I bought bacon and orange juice, neither of which I buy on a regular breakfast because Jesse and I love them WAY too much :)

One downside of the weekend was that Nikolai tripped over the piano leg (for the second time in 2 days!) but this time he split his lip and got a bloody nose :(  That was pretty upsetting for everyone involved.  Needless to say, during his nap we moved the piano so it's leg was no longer sticking out where Niko could trip on it.  Poor baby!

Other than the injury, Nikolai was really great and for the most part played happily so Jesse and I could listen to the messages.  There was also a sweet moment when both my boys were feeling sort of sleepy that I really loved: 

As for me, I always need to keep my hands busy when I'm listening to/watching something, so I worked on an etsy order and made this wreath:

Saturday night Jesse went to the Priesthood session and I decided to surprise him by making cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning while he was gone.  Nikolai really wanted to help:

He actually was pretty helpful (or at least not in the way too much), helping me put ingredients in the bowl and turning the machine on.  There was actually a great moment when I had just put the flour in and Nikolai went to turn the machine on for me (which he had done flawlessly once before) but instead of just pushing the switch to low he pushed it to full power and flour went every where! I quickly shut off the machine and Nikolai just froze with flour all over his face.  It was definitely harder having him "help" me make the dough but it ended up being really fun.  I need to remember to include him more often in my projects instead of just plopping him in front of the tv while I get it done. 

In the morning, I secretly took the already rolled out and filled rolls from the fridge and hid them in the corner of the fridge to rise and quietly made some amazing cream cheese frosting to go on top. 

Jesse noticed towards the end of the baking that something yummy was happening but I flatly denied it until the rolls were out and iced :) 

I hadn't used this cinnamon roll recipe before but it came from this excellent cookbook Jesse got me for my birthday last year and it did not disappoint! The rolls were perfectly fluffy and moist and the cream cheese frosting was divine.  

And the most important part: my boys LOVED them :D

If you're ever wondering if it's worth the effort to make cinnamon rolls from scratch, the answer is definitely YES YES YES.  They were definitely the icing on the cake of a lovely family weekend :)


Maren said…
Cute wreath! Go you for making cinnamon rolls. I'm lazy so I just make cinnamon scones. I aspire to be like you someday. :)

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