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First, a fun video of what drawing with Miri looks like these days:

Second, we are (slowwwwwly) trying to teach Niko to read. Teaching him to read has been funny. I kind of kept expecting him to just figure out the whole letters-make-sounds thing, and then it kept not happening, and I kept being like "When is he going to learn to read? Shouldn't that be happening right now?"

 It was like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where one of the characters uses the Time Turner and is out by a lake. The character (Harry, probably? I can't remember) is standing there, waiting for a Patronus to show up out of nowhere to save the person on the other side of the lake. They keep waiting and waiting and it's not happening and there's Dementors everywhere, and they're like "When is that Patronus going to show up and save the day?" And then the character thinks, "OH! Its me! I'm supposed to create the Patronus!" And they they do it and save the day. 

But it's like that. I kept waiting for him to learn to read, thinking that was how I learned (because I don't remember not knowing how to read). And then I realized, "OH! It's me! I'm supposed to teach him to read!" 

Niko isn't really interested in learning to read right now (and he doesn't do things unless he wants to) so part of me suspects he might not learn to read until Kindergarten this fall. But we're going to try all the same! 

But even though he doesn't know how to read, he HAS memorized some of the books we brought with us (there's so few, that wasn't hard!) Here's him "reading" one:


melissa said…
you know, i didn't do a dang thing to teach calvin to read, besides read to him. and he can read. but i never expected him to do it before kindergarten, and i still can't believe he can read! it's awesome. (most of his friends still can't, 3/4 of the way through kindy. i don't think that's a bad thing either.)

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