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School is a great place for Nikolai. He speaks an incredible amount of Russian now (sometimes he randomly starts saying things in Russian and I don't understand him!), he gets to play with friends, he does crafts and projects and learns all kids of stuff. It is still, by far, the thing I'm most glad we did when we moved here.

Every now and then his awesome teacher Veronika (pronounced "Vare-oh-NEE-kah") messages pictures of what they did that day. What follows is an assortment of pictures she's sent. 

Planting onions in jars, so they can watch them grow:

Doing their "papers" (as Niko calls them)--usually, little worksheets teaching them a letter, number, pattern, poem, etc with lots of coloring involved. 

Painting a present for their dads (which they cut out of dough that they mixed and baked):

This last one is from their Christmas performance, but I've misplaced all my photos/videos of it so this will have to do. Dyed Moroz (Father Frost) came to their performance and not only did he play games and sing songs with them, but he had the coolest coat EVER:


ivrcti said…
I love that he is also learning a different culture as well as another language. What cultural things do you think he'll take away from this formative time?

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