Early Spring

On Sunday, the sun was shining and the kids were restless so we packed a picnic and perambulated to the park. 

I also planned a little 4 senses hunt, and we spent one minute each noticing what we could see, hear, smell and touch.

Miriam's little thinking finger on her chin is so cute!!!

Nikolai had a really good time with it, though by the fourth one he mostly wanted to watch a little soldier bug walk on some grass. That was ok too.

We didn't stay out long (a certain 2-year old needed a nap), but it was a nice little outing that was just what I needed. And Miriam's little outstretched hand in the photo below exhibits what she always needs:

Hooray for (early) spring, that makes us feel alive and brings joy into our hearts!


Kylie said…
So cute and fun! We miss adventuring with you guys. :) I totally relate to the SAD thing. Soak up that sun while you can!
ivrcti said…
You make a very cute couple!

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