Who knew 2?

Last week Miriam turned two!

And guys, two really suits this kid.

Just look at that little glare, hidden under her bangs!!!

This is blurry, but this face is so classically Miriam that I had to keep it.

Her birthday was quiet--just presents and cake--but it was good to celebrate our Miri.

Those multicolored blobs objects around the edge are fire trucks modeled after the trucks on her favorite "Tuck jammies!!!" They sank into the ganache more than I expected, rendering them a bit unrecognizable, but Niko helped her notice what they were and then all was well (also, after Niko's cake being so pretty the one I made right after was doomed to not be as pretty--but at least the chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream inside was delicious!)

I really love pictures of kids blowing out candles. Do you?

And of course, this is how messy Miri ate her cake: 

At two, Miri is incredibly verbal (the other day Jesse mentioned a friend of his wanting to have kids soon, and Miri, unprompted, turned to him and said "I love kids!"), loving, curious (her new favorite word is "Why?!"), smart and musical. She loves doing anything and everything with Nikolai, eating with great gusto, listening and dancing to music, and watching "Dan-oo tie-gah."

My favorite thing she says is when she is playing with toys and quotes the dragon from the book Paper Bag Princess, and growls "Eat-oo a-morrow!!!" (Originally, "I'll eat you tomorrow!")

She is also completely potty trained (day and night, with minimal accidents--more about that another time)! Much like her brother (and, I suppose, her mother), she is loud and stubborn, though slightly more pliant than both of them. 

Miriam, happy birthday! We love you so!


Maren said…
How is she already two?? She always looks so full of joy. And I thought the trucks on the cake came out really good!
Camille Porter said…
How did you potty train her? Mae still isn't potty trained.
melissa said…
She's so cute. I LOVE two year olds. Love them. I want to hang out with her.

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