The zero percent chance of rainstorm

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look around and think, "This is a happy memory"?

I had one of those the other day.

Our car has been overheating again (as it turns out, a broken head gasket is beyond my car-fixing abilities) so the other night we took a family walk to the library to return some books and check out some new ones. 

Before we left, I checked the weather forecast to see if we should bring an umbrella (this being Michigan, after all) but there was a 0% chance of rain so we headed out sans rain-protection.

It was a nice walk--about 1.5 miles of partly cloudy skies and the best conversation partner a gal could ask for (hey Jesse, that's you!). 

We were headed up the final hill to the library when it started to drizzle. I grabbed a blanket to cover the kiddos a little and Jesse suggested I lock the front wheel of the running stroller, "just in case we need to run." 

Moments later the heavens opened and it started to rain. We ran.

I looked over at Nikolai, who squealed gleefully, "It raining! It raining!" Miriam kicked her legs excitedly and chortled. Jesse pushed the stroller up the hill as fast as he could, and looked over at me and smiled. 

In that moment, even the stress of a broken car couldn't keep me from smiling back. 

The skies when we arrived at the library

Miriam, pretty content even after getting all wet

A little rainsoaked but plenty happy


Maren said…
I love moments like that! Oh, those Michigan skies...
ivrcti said…
Life is an adventure, it doesn't always come out the way you planned, sometimes it's way better!
melissa said…
i love it when that happens.

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