Miriam: 5 months

Our sweet Miriam is 5 months old! Hooray hoorah!

I don't have any official stats (those will come at her 6 month checkup next month) but I weighed her this morning and she's about 14 lbs. Way to grow, baby! 

Sleeping patterns: Still doing that wake-up-around-4-and-6 thing. Lately, I feed her sitting up at 4 am and put her back in bed, but for the 6ish one I often bring her into bed with us so I can fall back asleep easier. Oh, and she's now sleeping in a pack and play, on her tummy! (Once I can get her to sleep through the night again, I think she'll go into Niko's room. Wish us luck on that one!) Also, she might be teething? Question mark? I have no idea, guys. Just making this up as I go along ;)

Nikolai really wanted to be in the picture. When I asked him if I could take a few pictures of just Miriam, he insisted on his foot being in the corner of the picture :)

Eating habits: Still breast milk every 2-3 hours, but yesterday she tried pureed green beans for the first time and loved them! I've been thinking for a few weeks that she might be ready for "solid" food, but I waited a few weeks til she was a little older. I guess we'll more or less be starting in earnest now!

New discoveries she made: She has feet! And ears! No really, she's been playing with her feet like crazy (happy baby yoga pose, anyone?) and just yesterday started playing with her ears. It was kinda like she reached up and was like "oh, there's something on my head here? I didn't know that! Cool!!" 

Accomplishments: Rolling over tons and tons! I barely lay her on her back these days before she's flipping over to her tummy. She regularly traverses the whole room, occasionally getting stuck on pieces of furniture but mostly finding new and interesting things to experience. 

Rolling over to go see Nikolai!

Places she went: The museum with mama and dad and the lake, but mostly she stayed home (we were mostly carless this month, because the car was broken a significant amount and when it wasn't broken, Jesse had it for work).

Special memories: There's not one exact moment, but we sure have had a month filled with delightful baby laughs and smiles! Just about every day Jesse and I comment to each other "she's such a nice person to be around!" 

Look at that little tongue sticking out!!!

Miriam, thanks for being a part of our family! We love you so!


melissa said…
she is CUTE. (no duh, but i just had to say it.)

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