Baby Niko and Silly Niko

I recently bought Nikolai a babydoll from a good friend of mine (who made it herself). Niko has been pretending various stuffed animals were his baby for awhile so I wanted to get him his own baby! After trying out a few various names, Nikolai decided to name the doll (very originally, I might add) "Baby Niko." 

Baby Niko now has a pair of shorts that I made and will have additional clothing as soon as I gather some more creative energy ;)

Silly Niko has been enjoying jumping on the couch lately. Despite the fact that this chair was $15 at a thrift store, I'm beginning to worry he'll break it with his shenanigans, so the other day he did this instead:

I thought it was a pretty silly alternative :)


ivrcti said…
We faced the same dilemma when raising you and your siblings. After some thought and in consideration of my ability to put furniture back together repeatedly, we came to the philosophy that we were raising kids not furniture. But then again, we also had to teach you that those types of activities were acceptable at home but not acceptable in other public settings.

Enjoy this part. All to soon he'll be jumping into the family car (in the driver's seat)!
julis said…
I like both Silly Niko and Baby Niko! And really, he only needs shorts in the summer!

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