Birthday picnic

For my birthday, Jesse planned a lovely surprise picnic :)

We packed up the kids, took the bus to the Arboretum and had a nice little hike before settling down for some delicious treats.

Our boy, always in motion:

Our picnic: fresh fruit, blue cheese, crackers and sparkling cider. Mmm!

Cloud watching:

Playing bad guy and boy:

Gosh guys, it was really nice to just be out in nature with my favorite people :)

When we got home, Jesse gave me some lovely vibrant flowers, and made an awesome chocolate cake (that we proceeded to eat with every meal for the next several days :D):

Singing happy birthday:

Thanks for such a lovely birthday, Jesse!!!


ivrcti said…
Seeing Jesse carrying both of the kids reminded me of all those hikes in the mountains when you were small. I miss those wonderful outings! I'm thrilled that you had such a fantastic birthday!
melissa said…
that looks like a perfect picnic! glad you had a happy birthday.

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