Q is for Quilt

The other day, Niko and I were learning about the letter Q (which apparently he already knew--way to go, kid!). I suggested we paint some Qs and Niko did these--without any help!

Speaking of Q, I've been doing a little Quilting lately. I'm pretty terrible at it (based in part by the fact that I always think it's a good idea to try and quilt with jersey/stretchy fabrics, which it most definitely is NOT) but I've been having a lot of fun!

The first one I made out of old jeans I had been hoarding forever to "make something out of" (though why I needed like 8 pairs of old holey jeans to "make something out of" is beyond me).  Anyways, this one lined up alright but I decided to quilt it on the machine (which I've never done before) and it didn't turn out so hot (hence all the wrinkles). But it'll make a nice picnic quilt, which is all I wanted in the first place:

The back (some old butterfly fabric I inherited/pilfered from my dad): 

The second quilt I made out of some old holey pjs of Niko's:

They were suuuper stretchy so the rows ended up not lining up so well. I decided to hand-quilt this one, in an attempt to avoid the weird wrinklyness of the previous quilt:

I'm actually pretty pleased with this one, even though it's not perfect. It was really fun to make the pattern and piece it all together. 

And now it's a perfect summer quilt (I didn't add any batting) for Nikolai in our un-airconditioned apartment:

(Can you tell he thought it was silly to pretend to sleep under his blanket?)


Kyra Moon said…
These are awesome! I am impressed with both . . . when I have tried hand-quilting they get weird and wrinkly anyway. You almost make me want to make a quilt out of the old shirts I have in a fabric box. (Or bequeath the box to you. :D)
Michele said…
A walking foot helped my quilts have less wrinkles, and I've been wanting to hand quilt something for a while! I'm so impressed.
ivrcti said…
You've done some of the best and oldest recycling around and done a fine job of it! Way to go my environmentally conscious, crafty and beautiful daughter!
julis said…
Nice quilts! I have a soft spot for quilts and quilting. I don't often actually get around to do it, but I have a soft spot for it.
Demarae said…
I LOVE quilting! I've made a few t shirt quilts lately, the key is ironing interfacing to the back, so it stabilizes and doesn't stretch. And I think you did a fine job with the quilts. The Amish purposefully make mistakes in their quilt in remebrance of humility. Only God can make a perfect thing. That always makes my mistakes seem less stressful. :)

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